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This month's issue of StepMom Magazine is an annual favorite with stepmoms because many of the articles speak directly to their partners. It's a great communication tool for stepcouples. .

"Blended" Movie Review

Blended movie

Blended Families expert Emily Bouchard just blogged about the new Adam Sandler / Drew Barrymore film, "Blended" - of which she was particularly surprised - for the good!

She describes the movie (which admittedly has "ridiculously over the top humor") as "thoughtful, touching, funny, and entertaining look at the many complexities involved when bringing families together."

Click here to read her full review. You may also want to check out Emily's ebook, "Familymoons: Everything You Need to Know!" (she's not kidding).

Are You Ready To Have a Healthy Relationship
with Money and More Peace in Your Stepfamily?

When Claudette Chenevert interviewed me for her StepMoms Toolbox Radio Show, we were inundated with questions. We recognized that there was a strong need for answers to persistent, common concerns stepmoms have when it comes to money and how it impacts their lives.

Listen to the Money & Stepfamilies interview or check out the special webinar series we've designed to address your specific issues when it comes to money and step-family dynamics.

Best Regards,
Emily Bouchard, Director,

Estate Planning For Blended Families

Did you know that more than 60% of Americans don't have a Will? Are you one of them?  With a blended family, you can't afford NOT to have one! Who has power of attorney if something were to happen to you? Do you know if your partner would be able to be in your hospital room if you are rendered incapacitated? Have the two of you spelled out what you want to have happen with all of your children when the time comes?

This new guide provides great support and easy tools on how to make your estate planning easy, and yes, even enjoyable! Click to learn more about Emily Bouchard's new book Estate Planning for Blended Families.

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Blended Family Jewelry

Purple Heart has joined forces with Phoebe Jonas Jewelry to bring you a special gift: costumed designed Purple Heart and Crystal Heart necklaces exclusively for Step-Heroes. We created this beautiful design as a way to honor stepmothers and stepdaughters and acknowledge how tough navigating the emotional minefields of stepfamily life together can sometimes be. Wearing
Crystal Heart
this heart is a reminder of the perseverance and love in every Step-Hero's heart. AND, when you purchase either necklace, you get a copy of the recording and ebook: Straight Answers to Tough Stepfamily Questions as our gift to you!

Emily Bouchard Quoted by USA Today

In the 2/7/11 edition of USA Today, our very own Emily Bouchard was quoted in an article entitled, "Financial planning for Brady Bunches -- Blended families make life more complicated." The article explores how blending families complicates financial issues and (gratefully) gives some valueable suggestions on how to deal with these challenges.

Listen to Emily Bouchard, Blended Families expert, interviewed on the Family Matters radio show.

Step-Parents at your Wedding?

Step Parents at your Wedding
When Martha Stewart Weddings interviewed me regarding the tricky issues related to having a stepmother of the bride, and asked about proper stepmother wedding etiquette, I was thrilled to learn that publications of this nature were taking this issue seriously.

Knowing that the Martha Stewart magazine article would be a short and sweet response to the complex set of challenges faced by more and more brides and grooms, we at wanted to provide a more in depth special report on this topic.

"Tips on Wedding Etiquette with Divorced Parents in the Mix"

What we created was an ebook that has answers to a series of questions and scenarios related to planning a beautiful, meaningful wedding when stepparents (or new partners or lady friends) are in the mix. This includes having a stepmother of the bride and/or a stepfather of the bride.
- Emily Bouchard, MSSW

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